Cameroon needs Reformation in all departments
1* digitalizing the police and Judiciary departments
2* changing the electoral system. to a full swimming independent organ
3* Restructuring the functions, mandate, duties, and the maximum age of presidents
4* Reforming the ministerial policy and reducing the number of ministers.
5* Health department needs a working system
6*Restoring our Educational system to where people learn to know and not to pass exams. Giving it a sound and understandable system easier for employment.
7* Children and women (long neglected by the present government
8* Tourism/Travel and job creation policies. upgrading every region to at list 500 hotel bedsCreating  many more jobs within the first 5 years
9* Increasing the velocity of circulation of our currency by revamping the analogue and old fashion Banking system.
The Parliaments is shit (restoring necessary)
Fighting HIV with
 a proviso to reduce the rate of the infection to half with the first 3 years. At moment the current aids given to assist us fight against HIV Aids is drying into private pockets with no conscience to sufferers.
Remove Cameroon from member of the heavily indebted poor countries immediate. Admission was fraudulent.
Re-unifying Cameroon by casting
Scraping the CRTV broadcasting methods also creating different programs that will help change our negative profiling mentality. Thus restoring honest individuals in the rightful place

Anyhow with this summary many will bare with us that Cameroon thus needs to be Reform. Fifty years from colonial independence
CRP and its members stand for reformation. Members are dedicated Cameroonians who have whole heartedly committed to reach to the bottom line of changing Cameroon in all aspects to the benefit of all.
We have no turning back no fear to the building of a fairer society.

The Political fields have no Dirty games but the Politicians themselves bring in the dirty games in the field of politics.
The Cameroon Reformation Party is New Political party still coming up the ladder of the Cameroon Political scene. Gaining grounds rapidly and a house whole discussion for all Cameroonians
The CRP believes that, “The world is for those with new ideas” only new ideas will change the present conditions of the canker worm that is rapidly,
*damaging the Cameroon Economy
*Transforming the patriotism into Tribalism, Favoritisms and Nepotism,
*Giving room for a particular group of people and age range to benefit form the malevolent administrative system of CPDM and Paul Biya.

It look the West several decades of years to build the type of Democracy and human equality the have got. Now it’s Taking African thousands of years to restore common equality amongst them.
The Cameroon Reformation Party, things that if there are several types of Democracies, the type in Cameroon is not the Government of the people for the people and to the people.
The CPDM must have its own definition of Democracy which now we need to reform it to modern democracy.
The CRP Cameroon is not against Democracy but they don’t want to follow the modern Democracy due to the neo-colonial restoration following Biya’s power in 1982
Cameroon needs to be reformed.