Mr. Foligar Lang (born 6 November 1976 in the village of

Wéh – Fongom Sub Division in the Menchum DivisionNorth West Province Cameroon
Foligar Lang is a Cameroon entrepreneur and politician who is working

hard to safe his country and citizens from agony, tyranny brutality and economic freedom

from the hands of the Dictator Paul Biya and his oppressive regime.

August 2010 Foligar Lang  founded and became Leader of the

Cameroon Reformation Party (CRP) from 13 July 2013 the Party was officially registered.

He previously Served as,
Project and Commercial Manager for Palm Group Estate.Manger at Hermes Ltd All In Northern Cyprus
A prolific property Developer and business inclined mind. In 2012,

Mr. Lang Created the UK Instant Services Ltd a temporal employment

Agency activity in the United Kingdom and is the current managing Director
Current leader and founder of the Cameroon Reformation Party (CRP)

Lang is creative enthusiastic and warmth hearted. A centre of inspiration to

drive forward the Nation and citizens