Totally outraged, appalled, and anguished by the barbaric attitude

of the CPDM / PAUL BIYA’S Regime towards inhabitants of Southern Cameroon.

In our prompt denunciation of the savagery behaviour of his

Battalion intervention rapide (BIR) and other military and police

behaviours, we call on all southern Cameroon to stand up against

this behaviour of babarism from the regime in power by listening to

the various leaders and political groups. We will offer support to

refugees in Neighboring Nigeria. Through South Cameroon Resident Society.

sothouthern Cameroon, We have characterized Manyu as No1

crime scene as from 01 October 2017 “with High Level execution style”.

According to similar reports,Manyu has been turned into a torture

centre as innocent inhabitants were tortured in public to dying point.

These we consider human crimes and has called on the international

human rights to look in to such barbaric behaviour by a regime that

calls itself Les Grandes ambitions. As if that was not enough, mobile

phones, TV, DVD Players, Radios and all electronics carried away

by the so called Military. In fact, more then 1000 militia guys

transported in Amour Cars and trucks and Helicopters. Son of the soil

General Elokobi has been commissioned by the so called head of state

to kill To Kill his own people.. This is unbelievable

We are torn by this great tragedy and call on the other opposition parties

and human right groups both national and worldwide to protest and

express our outrage and condemnation of this ferocious act driven

by the CPDM against the people they are meant to be protecting. We are watching,counting and registering all accountable crimes.