CRP-Party Conference in Birmingham

CRP-Party Conference in Birmingham
Words from the Acting Leader
We are more of a pressure group than a political party. Our main aim is not to take over power in Cameroon. Our main aim is to make sure that social justice reigns in Cameroon. So, we must all join forces to force the government to make sure that these changes take place. We must also encourage and criticise other political party leaders who are not acting on behalf of the population or who are not carrying out their duties as they should. E will continue to pressure our leaders to act responsibly and if the changes that we are asking for come, then we shall join our leaders to work as a team on behalf of our people.

But my dear friends, if our leaders are not willing to accept our request for social justice in our beloved Cameroon, then we shall have no other alternative, than to do all what we possibly can, to effect the changes we dearly desire for our country, for our brothers and sisters, and for our children and the children of our children.

We are going to start this fight by making sure that a young woman, whose child was stolen from the hospital gets the answer to her questions. We are going to make sure that Miss Vanessa ‘s case be brought to the limelight. We are going to make sure that the Cameroon government punishes those who are responsible for the abduction of this young woman’s child. Fellow Cameroonians, Vanessa is one of us. She is our daughter, our sister and our niece. This thing could have happened to one of us. The Biya government, ruled by people whose main aim is to protect the interest of Biya and foreign government against the interest of their own people has let us down for the past 30 years.

The only reason why Biya has supporters is because, these supporters are thinking of the personal benefit they are reaping for supporting this dictator. Let’s remember that this dictator who has no friend has never won any election throughout his political career. There are those who thought supporting Biya was a pride. And today we see them proudly taking their residence at Kondegui Prison. It is better to be a Kondegui Resident as someone who is against the Biya regime than to be locked up in Kondegui after kissing the KING’S backside. Here amongst us are people who are licking the King’s boots. They know fully well that the King is useless. Yet they support him. We all know why they are with the King. They are hoping to eat from the crumbs that fall off the King’s table. Na langa people them. To these people, I can guarantee them that by the time they will eat the crumbs from the King’s table, the King will already be gone and we shall be in control of that country. If you have not learnt a lesson from Inoni-Marafa-Ezdoa experience, then be rest assured that, you are not in total denial of your own very existence.
Let’s come back to Miss Vanessa. We are going to carry out a maxi demonstration in this country in support of Ms Vanessa against the mal-treatment she has had from the Biya government. Let’s remember that this same government gave 500 million cfa to the victims of the Haiti disaster. Yet, the Biya government is refusing to spend just one hundred thousand cfa to get those responsible for the abduction of a young woman’s child. There is no justice here. We MUST force the government to make sure that, this young woman gets justice, we must make sure that this kind of thing never happens in our country again, and we must make sure that if it does happen, the victims get a just treatment and the perpetrators are brought to justice. Fellow Cameroonians, are you ready to join CRP for a maxi demonstration in London? Are you ready? Are you ready to see that our country becomes the place where every citizen is treated equally and with fairness?
For us to make this happen, I would advise that we participate in person and invite others to join the cause. Do not sit behind and say, it’s not my kind of thing. Doctors, lawyers, teachers Police Officers in democratic countries and even in non-democratic countries go to the streets, protest against their governments and call for reforms. So, we are calling on you guys to join us. One man cannot take 20 million people hostage for 30 years except the 20 million people are all idiots. We are not idiots.
Our demonstration for Justice For Vanessa shall take place in London at a date that will be announced later. The Embassy in London is our house, it’s our country and our property. It will always remain the property of Cameroon. It was there at the time of CNU, and it shall still be there after the fall of CPDM and the rise to power of CRP. And we shall treat it as a Cameroon land. Ladies and gentlemen, our fight for reform officially starts today. Start to mobilise friends and sympathisers. Start to prepare your placards for the great demonstration that will take place in London. We have been sleeping for too long. The time has come for action. There is no turning back.
Should we remain indifferent? Should we sit and fold our arms while a few greedy people loot our coffers, rape our sisters and daughters, kill our children and brothers? Should we sit down while innocent people are wrongfully detained, arrested and tortured? Should we fight for our rights? Should we make sure that social justice reigns in Cameroon? So, we must stick together. We must be united. We must support the University students who have been arrested, tortured, imprisoned and even dismissed from University because they wanted the best for their country.
Cameroon Reformation Party must reform the Cameroon society through you.



My vision is for a Cameroon that will works for everyone not just the privileged few and the older generation that has no sympathy for youths. With the Cameroon Reformation Party, we will build a nation of equality where we will give our people the best chance to self-development. That means citizen will have the opportunity to bring out goals even with the little resources we have. We will keep our communities safe without bullying our citizens through the forces of law and order. Our officers will have to be trained in human right legislatures and social values including their job description to protect and safe the people. Our Women and children will be much more respected and given the opportunities for a social wealth fare system including professional education and funding which I think they badly need, Restoring a healthcare system that will reach even right to those in the most remote parts of the country [Mobile Medics] this will take us to a level of envy from the Africa Nations.

We’re the people who only support a just and progressive change

We’re the people who only support a just and progressive change

You can understand with me that a vehicle whose wheel had a flat tire can not move or even stands still. Such is the fate of our beloved country, With a government in power for over 35 years. The irresponsibility of the ruling CPDM Party which lacks the spirit of development and management has resulted in a desperate citizens Molestation, begging,lacking and mass migrating to other countries. Cameroon is In a very dangerous situation among the poorest and underdeveloped Countries in the world.
Thus the country is left with “roadblocks” and can not move forward under these type of terrible conditions. The country is doomed as far as development is concerned and as it roll over and over the same position. Road has became impassable, this is because the management and policy makers of the country is in the hands of a  wicked minority.

Organizing for Action is a movement of millions of Cameroonians

Organizing for Action is a movement of millions of Cameroonians

The long-simmering crisis in Cameroon’s English-speaking regions has taken a dangerous turn with small explosions targeting local security officials, even as ongoing protests become increasingly vociferous.

Renewed mass protests broke out early morning on Sept. 22, (Friday), in major towns and villages across the north west and south west. The aggrieved population took to the streets with placards, whistles and flags of Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia; a country they clamor to create when they secede from the present day Republic of Cameroon.


Preparing our Youth Generation & Success

Preparing our Youth Generation & Success

But change, real change isn’t just about winning elections, real change is about getting ready to govern our country. Real change is about doing what our party has always done, which is to make sure we understand and reflect and meet all the challenges of the modern world, and that is what we are doing. That’s the argument I want to make today.

empower our people, protect our women and children, Secure a future for our children and create a vibrant youth generation economy

Security for the Whole of Cameroon

Security for the Whole of Cameroon

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advise against all travel to:

  • Far North region
  • within 40km of the border with Nigeria’s Adamawa state in Cameroon’s North and Adamaoua regions
  • within 40km of the border with Chad
  • within 40km of the border with the Central African Republic (CAR)
  • the Bakassi Peninsula (as shown on the map)

The FCO advise against all but essential travel to:

  • the town of Mamfe in the South West region
  • the city of Bamenda in the North West region
  • the rest of North and Adamawa regions

Following violent and deadly clashes between demonstrators and the Cameroonian security forces in the North West and South West regions in September and October 2017, there have been curfews, a ban on public meetings and other restrictions put in place. There have also been exchanges of fire between the Cameroonian security forces and armed groups in November and December in Eyumojock, Akwaya and Mamfe in Manyu Division of the South West region killing over a dozen people. The city of Buea (South West region) is calm but tensions remain high in Mamfe (South West region) and Bamenda (North West region). Once a week a general strike is observed in parts of the two regions. If you’re in these regions, you should remain vigilant and keep in touch with developments through local media.

Terrorists are very likely to try to carry out attacks in Cameroon. The terrorist group Boko Haram is active in the Far North region but attacks could occur anywhere including major towns and cities such as Yaoundé and Douala. In 2016 and 2017, there have been numerous suicide attacks which have resulted in over 200 dead in the Far North region. Key targets have been large open markets, hotels, parks and sporting venues. There have also been attempts to take hostages and heavy gunfights reported in Babouang and Mbarang in Adamaoua region.

Boko Haram has publicly threatened Cameroon with attacks and further kidnappings due to Cameroon’s involvement in the regional fight to counter Boko Haram. There’s a heightened threat of kidnap to western nationals in the north of Cameroon, including in the major cities and along the border between the Far North region and Nigeria.You should remain vigilant and exercise caution. See Terrorism

There have been reports of criminality including large armed gangs and highway bandits, stopping travellers, taking hostages and demanding payment, particularly in the east of Cameroon, close to the Central African Republic (CAR) border. There are frequent instances of violence in CAR spilling across the border to Cameroon.

Criminality by large gangs is also a threat more widely in Adamawa province. In January 2017, an armed group attacked a UN border monitoring team near the Nigerian border killing 5 people.

Nigerian military operations in the states of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa in Nigeria could have an impact across the border in Cameroon.

UK health authorities have classified Cameroon as having a risk of Zika virus transmission. For information and advice about the risks associated with Zika virus, visit the National Travel Health Network and Centre website.

There are increased reports of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea. Take great care when travelling in coastal waters, including the coastline of Cameroon and the Doula port. Despite the high crime levels, most visits to Cameroon are trouble-free. Only a few British nationals needed consular assistance in the past year.

If you’re abroad and you need emergency help from the UK government, contact the nearest British embassy, consulate or high commission.

Take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you travel.